Kreşendo’s “Grow Local, Grow Equal” Project Receives UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity

11 Jul 24

Kreşendo has received UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) for its “Grow Local, Grow Equal” project, designed to strengthen Turkey’s music industry and promote equality.  The project was one of 12 among 530 projects across 69 countries.

Kreşendo aims to identify the needs of various actors in the music sector and develop a training program, working towards a more equitable and sustainable music industry.

Research on the Needs and Challenges of Music Industry

The project will conduct research involving key stakeholders such as musicians, music venue owners, and music studio owners to identify the specific needs of Turkey’s music sector. Comparative city analyses will be conducted in Ankara, Diyarbakır, Istanbul, and Izmir, complemented by a research report highlighting best practices from the global music industry. This report, supported by UNESCO and contributions from İBB Kültür, will explore the challenges caused by regional disparities and gender inequality in the music sector.

Training Programs and Roundtable Discussions for Musicians and Music Professionals

Grow Local, Grow Equal project seeks to foster equal opportunities by organizing sector meetings and online training programs in pilot cities, aimed at addressing barriers within the industry based on the research report’s findings.

Policy Report on Sustainable Cultural Policies

Building on insights from sector meetings and research, additional meetings will be held to create a network among stakeholders, enhancing communication and encouraging collaboration. A policy report aimed at contributing to the development of sustainable cultural policies in the music sector will be prepared. Grow Local, Grow Equal project will to create a positive impact on Turkey’s music industry, starting from the pilot cities.

Kreşendo plans to implement this project from September 2024 to June 2025.