Special Collaborations

Kreşendo continues to organize many events aimed at transforming the industry through its various collaborations to increase diversity and creativity in the music scene.

Kreşendo aims for equal participation in music by developing projects that provide more opportunities for women and disadvantaged groups in Turkey’s music scene. As an independent cultural institution, it helps strengthen the sector’s players to build a diverse music industry and democratize culture.

In Pursuit of the Music Journey

Kreşendo’s new community meet-up series, ‘In Pursuit of the Music Journey,’ hosts prominent artists from the current music scene. Moderated by Esra Ece Kuleci at Hope Alkazar, the event consists of two sessions: an interview where we trace the musician’s journey, and a demo listening session where participants can receive feedback from the guest musician and the Kreşendo team.

#Together Concert Series

Kreşendo started the “Together” concert series in September 2023, organized in cooperation with Pera Museum. In this series, female musicians are guests on each other’s stages, curated by Kreşendo. The concerts take place once a month, specifically on the last Friday of each month.

Sound of the Upside

At the YGA Summit held in 2021, Beats by Girlz Turkey collaborated with İKSV and YGA to create a collective digital music experience, supported by the Consulate General of the Royal Netherlands in Istanbul.