My City My Voice

“My City, My Voice” is an artist development project by Kreşendo for women musicians who are at the early stages in their career. The project aims to empower women to express their interpretations of the cities they live in through music, encourage change in the fields of music and technology through unique musical experiences, and support their potential for producing their own music.

In addition to annual training sessions and accompanying albums, “My City, My Voice” continues to grow as a concert series. In 2023, it featured many women musicians from the first two editions during the “Bu Festival Bizim” event, making it both a platform for artist development and a way for new artists to reach audiences.

My City My Voice III (2024 Edition)

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The third edition of the project, running in 2024, includes participants from the Balkan countries and Ankara! During the project, participants received training on various topics such as music production, soundscapes, music broadcasting, and participated in regular feedback sessions. They then used the training to transform recordings from sound walks in their cities into musical compositions. The album “My City My Voice III,” featuring these works, will be released on all music platforms on April 26. The album includes songs produced by participants from Ankara and the Balkans.

My City My Voice II (Previous Edition)

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In partnership with the UK’s Saffron Records, this edition focused on cultural diversity in Turkey. Fifteen participants from Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, and Izmir were selected. They developed their compositions from sounds collected during local sound walks. The project culminated in two concerts and an album released in April 2023.

My City My Voice (First Edition)

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Launched in 2021 by Beats By Girlz Turkey and supported by the British Council, this edition aimed to empower women to channel their urban experiences into music. It produced an album and a documentary, showcased at the Women of the World Festival in Istanbul in March 2022.