Değişim Zamanı: Kreşendo

01 Nis 24


We’re excited to share updates from our journey towards a more vibrant and inclusive music scene in Turkey. After much hard work, we are pleased to announce a big change: we’re now Kreşendo!

Why the change? The global organization, Beats By Girlz, has a new name too: We Make Noise. This switch happened on November 1, 2023, and all chapters around the world followed it accordingly.

Recently, we wrapped up the second edition of Bu Festival Bizim, Istanbul’s top music and tech meetup. It made us realize we want to focus more on impactful projects that benefit everyone in the music world.

Kreşendo symbolizes a powerful surge in music, and that’s exactly what we aim to create: a movement for lasting change.

Music touches us all, so Kreşendo isn’t just for musicians. We want to transform music culture, impacting audiences, venues, and artists alike. Expect to see more music-related content from us, as we talk and create more tunes.

Let’s make the stage inclusive and our voices united. Together, we’ll build a world where everyone can discover and share their unique melody.

Looking forward to sharing more musical moments with you!”