My City, My Voice Album is Out!

26 Apr 24

Urban Soundscapes from Ankara to the Balkans

The “My City, My Voice” album showcases original songs by 12 female musicians, narrating tales of urban life from Ankara, the heart of Anatolia, to key Balkan cities such as Skopje, Sarajevo, and Mostar. Blending urban sounds with indie rock and electronic rhythms, the album embodies the essence of alternative music.  “My City My Voice” is a project by Kreşendo, supported by the British Council, aiming to give women a voice in the music scene.

A musical journey from Ankara to the Balkans

Recorded in Ankara and Belgrade, the album is produced by Beril Sarıaltun, with all tracks written and arranged by women. Partnered with Brighter Sound, the training sessions covered a range of topics including music production and soundscape design, with Holly Phelps participating as a mentor. As avant-garde elements infuse Ankara’s spirit into some tracks, Balkan songs seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary tones, echoing the vibrant sounds of city streets. In “My City My Voice”, exploring the multifaceted experiences of women in urban settings, listeners trace the cultural tapestry from Ankara to the Balkans.